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Internet Radio Provides High Quality Content for AM/FM and Satellite Radio August 18, 2006 Entertainment News

(PRLEAP.COM) Internet Radio Provides High Quality Content for AM/FM and Satellite Radio

Internet radio stations are popping up everywhere, many of which produce high quality, original programs exceeding the caliber of content heard on terrestrial and satellite radio.

Internet stations have been building large audiences for several years thanks to the necessary technology being available at a fraction of the cost to operate a terrestrial station. While AM/FM stations are able to draw large crowds to a local event, the program is not heard outside the boundary of the station's broadcast signal. Satellite radio has a much larger broadcast area but is limited to subscribers with proper listening equipment. Internet broadcasters, also known as "WebCasters", are able to reach a large audience without the restrictions of special equipment and subscriptions other than an Internet Service Provider.

One on-line station that's setting the bar for quality programming and originality is The KChost Radio Network. KCHRN produces several weekly shows available for live syndication or re-broadcast on AM/FM, satellite, and other Internet radio stations. KChost Radio Network shows continue to expand a large global audience thanks to innovative programming that easily surpasses the expectations of the WebCaster community. Terrestrial radio stations should take note and consider the benefits of picking up a weekly KCHRN show, especially after weighing the cost of producing content and programs in-house.

The network's three major shows are The Wild Wild Westmar Show, The NightWatch Show, and Riff Revolution.

The Wild Wild Westmar Show is three hours of side-splitting humor, derived from the weekly chaos inside the mind of the show's host, Brad Westmar, his co-hosts, and other various characters and personalities. The Wild Wild Westmar Show is a constant rollercoaster ride that keeps the listener coming back for more, all while somehow maintaining just enough control to not fly too far off the tracks.

The NightWatch Show is a two-hour show hosted by horror film director/producer, Todd Sheets. Each week is an amazing journey into horror, movies, UFO's and the paranormal. The show boasts such famed guests as Sid Haig, Elvira - Mistress of the Dark, and the crew from TAPS.

Riff Revolution is hosted by the network's founder, Rick "The Juke" Eidson, who also produces and/or engineers nearly all of the shows on KCHRN. Each week The Juke and co-host, Stephanie, discuss the music industry and independent artists from around the globe. It's three hours packed full of light-hearted humor, music news and great tunes. The last hour of the show features a Rock-Line style interview with an in-studio band that often performs live. Riff Revolution is produced by The Juke's wife, Mary, affectionately referred to as "Lady Juke". She also handles several other duties at the network including, but not limited to, show prep research for several of the programs.

In addition to the three cornerstone shows, KChost also produces two, one-hour shows: Anvil Of Crom and In Dreams. There are also new programs coming soon to The KChost Radio Network.

For more information about all KCHRN shows go to http://www.kchost.net/
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